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Located in the Kawarthas region in Canada, we live by the rural values instilled in us – hard work, collaboration, and the importance of genuine customer relationships.

Kawartha Ethanol is a leading producer of fuel-grade ethanol, premium alcohol products and essential co-products. We utilize state-of-the-art production processes and advanced technology to produce fuel-grade ethanol and high-quality alcohol derived from corn. Our products are sold in Canada and around the globe.

As a fully integrated ethanol producer, we are in a unique position to control the entire ethanol production process. We do this by growing our own corn, owning grain elevators, and utilizing state of the art technology. This allows us to optimize the efficiency of our production process while also ensuring the quality and consistency of our product.


In 2007, Kawartha Ethanol began construction of its plant in Havelock, Ontario, and was producing fuel-grade ethanol by 2010. In 2020, we underwent a major expansion allowing the further production of  high-quality alcohol products. The plant was commissioned 2022 and today we sell and market our premium alcohol products through the Kawartha Premium Alcohols’ brand.

Kawartha Ethanol Inc., and Kawartha Premium Alcohols are part of the Drain Bros. group of companies. Drain Bros. was founded in 1971, and is the leading provider of aggregates, asphalt and professional site construction services in the Kawartha’s, with a team of more than 400 employees.

For more information about Drain Bros, please visit their website.

Mission and Values

Our Mission

To be the premier producer of world-class alcohols with a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.



  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Relationships
  • Environment
  • Reliability
  • Inclusion


At Kawartha Ethanol, we strive for excellence in everything we do – with an uncompromising focus on quality. Our laboratory is equipped with the most sophisticated modern equipment, and staffed with a team of meticulously well-trained, experienced professionals.

Our commitment to brand integrity, product availability, and reliability have inspired us to optimize our supply chain function – from the planting of our fields right through to distribution.

Kawartha’s Quality Management system encompasses the entire production process; this is the foundation of our success in producing a gold-standard product that not only achieves our quality standards, but also those of our most discerning customers.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. We are proactive, solution based, and flexible – always there to respond to enquiries, and committed to addressing any questions or needs that arise.




Kawartha Ethanol has been producing environmentally friendly fuel-grade ethanol since 2010. Ethanol is a high-octane, economical, clean-burning gasoline additive that improves engine performance, reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and supports the agriculture economy. Our fuel-grade ethanol is sold and distributed across Canada through major oil and fuel companies.

Corn oil is a co-product of ethyl alcohol production. Our corn oil is sold for use in providing animal nutrition, and to create bio-diesel and renewable diesel – clean alternatives to fossil fuels.



At Kawartha Ethanol, we use our resources efficiently. The distillation process produces co-products, namely distillers grain, and corn oil. Wet and dry distillers grains with solubles (WDGS and DDGS) are an excellent source of protein and energy for ruminant and non-ruminant livestock. Corn oil is utilized as a feedstock for bio-diesel and renewable diesel production. Sales of our WDGS, DDGS, and corn oil are handled through our related company, Lamond Feed Energy. To inquire and purchase, please contact:

Lamond Feed Energy
Phone: +1 705-875-2946
Email: dlamond@lamondfeedenergy.com


For a corn wet distillers grains with solubles typical analysis please click here
For a corn dry distillers grains with solubles typical analysis please click here




As an integrated company we control every aspect of the process. Our corn is grown both directly and acquired from local farm suppliers.

St. Lawrence Grains & Farm Supply Ltd., our affiliate company, is a full-service licensed grain elevator and dealer with locations in Stouffville and Havelock, Ontario.


St. Lawrence Grains and Farm Supply Ltd.
Tracie Westington – Grain Originator
Mobile: +1 416-919-2838 / Office: +1 905-640-2260
Email: Tracie@slgrainsfs.ca

Stouffville Elevator / Head Office
3199 York Durham Line 30
Uxbridge, ON, L9P 0C7
Havelock Elevator
6830 Highway 7
Havelock, ON K0L 1Z0

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We manufacture a wide selection of high-quality alcohol (extra neutral/European grade) products for use in beverage production, personal care products, cosmetics, foods and flavourings, and many industrial applications such as adhesives, paints, and inks, to name a few.

Kawartha Ethanol’s High Quality Alcohols and GNS are marketed under our Kawararth Premum Alcohols brand.

To learn more please visit our alcohols website:



Maintaining a healthy environmental balance is crucial to Kawartha Ethanol. One of our commitments is to adopt initiatives and actions that allows us to use renewable resources without compromising the environment’s ability to regenerate and serve to future generations. To fulfill this, Kawartha Premium Alcohols has acquired an extremely efficient distillation technology. This includes top of the line instrumentation and control systems through which we are able to optimize the use of resources (water and energy). The efficient use of resources plays a significant role in the “golden” rules of environmental sustainability: reduce, reuse and recycle. This ultimately translates into environmental preservation and footprint reduction.

The ethyl alcohol expansion project was funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

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